Žagars selects events from Festival of the Arts "Cēsis 2013"

Žagars selects events from Festival of the Arts
Rīga 2014 . Director of Festival of the Arts "Cēsis 2013" Juris Žagars
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This Friday, on 28 June, Festival of the Arts "Cēsis 2013" will be open offering three introducing concerts, three exhibitions, one performance, one theatre performance and one movie during the first three festival days. "Rīga 2014" portal asked Juris Žagars, festival director, to offer a must-see selection of the events.

"I would definitely advise to choose concert "Raimonds Pauls un itāļu kinomūzika" ("Raimonds Pauls and Italian cinema music") on 30 June," convinces Žagars saying that, in his opinion, this concert is a great connection between a professional and quality performance and a light summer afternoon music. Maestro Raimonds Pauls, opera singer Ilona Bagele and talented Daumants Kalniņš together with "Rīga" brass band will perform at Cesis Castle Park open-air stage.

"Pauls himself is a great value, but also it is important that a professional brass band "Rīga" will take part (though they usually play at funerals!), the band plays really well. Last "Rīga" concerts went on "hurray!" They are the most interesting instrumentals bands in Latvia right now, I think."

If the weather is bad (still, we think that the weekend will be great), nevertheless, the concert will go on. It can easily be moved to Festival Hall at Cesis Sport Complex.

Festival director notes that visitors might as well spend two days in Cesis. On Saturday, accordionist Ksenija Sidorova will perform together with "Sinfonietta Rīga" chamber orchestra. It will be a wonderful musical experience. But Sunday could be spent at all three exhibitions: international contemporary art exhibition "Vasaras lasījumi" ("Summer readings"), an exhibition "Karlīna Vītoliņa. Portreti" ("Karlīna Vītoliņa. Portraits."), nearly seventy black-and-white large portraits available at the former Cesis Press Production Hall and the third exhibition "Bezdibenis. Visvaldis Ziediņšš" ("The Gulf. Visvaldis Ziediņšš"). This exhibition will introduce visitors to previously unshowed art pieces of Ziediņš emphasizing those works where mostly a paper and several natural materials are used. Visitors could enjoy Raimonds Pauls concert afterwards. "Two or three hours might be spent at exhibitions also exploring other activities in Cesis and Cesis Castle," says Žagars.

"Rīga 2014" reminds that Ksenija Sidorova said in her latest interview with the portal: "On 29 June, I will play with "Sinfonietta Rīga" at the Festival playing Piacolla's Concerto for bandoneon and chamber orchestra „Aconcagua”.

Besides, it is the best time to celebrate the release of my second album „Fairy Tales”. The official release date is 1 July. But I decided to present the material at home for the first time if I get this unique chance."

Žagars also offers one extremely unusual project for those who might like something a bit crazy. He tells about the multimedia performance "Latvijas Radio koris, Keidžs un laiks" ("Latvian Radio Choir, Cage and time") where several various elements are connected in a provocative manner.

Those two elements, Hārdijs Lediņš and John Cage, turn out to be even more connected than one can expect. "It will definitely be something fresh!" notes ˇagars also saying that Saturday and Sunday evenings might be suitable for classical music lovers. But Friday, in its turn, will be accompanied in an experimental mode.

On Sunday, 30 June, a selection of Brittish classic cinema arranged by Valentīna Freimane will be held. The programme will be presented at Cesis Castle courtyard starting at 22.00. A historic comedy "The Private Life of Henry VIII" directed by Alexander Korda will be showed. It's a story about the kingdom of Henry VIII and his many marriages. Soon after the premiere Hungarian director Korda gained a significant international recognition, which, in fact, made him the best-known Brittish director of his time. Charles Laughton then became a first-class star.

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