"Esplanāde 2014" presents Sami joik music

Publicitātes foto. . Singer Jorgen Stenberg
26-06-2013 A+ A-
On 5 July, Jorgen Stenberg (Jörgen Stenberg), a guest from Umea, Sweden, will perform Sami joik music at "Esplanāde 2014" creative and information space.

The band plays traditional Sami joiks with "a bit of a contemporary shade" as they say. The leader of the band Jorgen is a Sami coming from a small village near Umea. He has been awarded for his investment in spreading traditional joik music around the world in order to share Sami traditions.

Concert starts at 16.30.

Sami, initially known as Sápmi, is located to the north of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia. Umea is the second European Capital of Culture in 2014 next to Riga located on the south territory of Sami land. Umea programme is based mainly on a traditional eight Sami seasons division. Sami cultural heritage, in its turn, is one of the main programme accents.

Umea is the second European Capital of Culture in 2014. Both Riga and Umea support several cultural networks by creating shared projects. "Eight seasons of Sami art" exhibition is still open for visitors at the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum.


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