Festival of Paper Objects


The Paper Festival encompasses a number of activities during which innovative works of art of unique design, made of paper, will be created and displayed in Pārdaugava. Origami masters from Japan, the country with the longest history of a paper sculpture tradition, will participate in the festival, showcasing the traditional and contemporary paper folding techniques of Japan. During the festival, a total of nine paper sculptures will be unveiled in Pārdaugava at regular intervals. In the meantime, Kalnciema Quarter will host various events three to four times a week: paper workshops, lectures, performances and film screenings. The events will be run by Japanese and Latvian paper-folding artists will. The Japanese artists include Rina Aoki, Tomomi Hayashi, Kaori Kato, Ryosuke Kondoh, Kumiko Mizuno, Yasako Watanabe, Kazuhiro Yajima, Narumi Yamasaki, Tsuguo Yanai. Latvia is represented by [SenS], Ilze Dilāne, LUDE.

Thematic division: Road Map

Begins : 26.06.2014 21:00

Ends: 19.07.2014 21:00


  • Kalnciema Quarter and Pārdaugava

Form of event:

  • Festival
  • Object in the city environment
  • Discussion / Lecture
  • Workshop
  • Exhibition

Category of event:

  • Visual arts
  • Design
  • Participation of the public
  • Education

Audience of event:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults

Project description:

Active Neighbourhoods is a series of events that make living in a city more inspiring and foster a sense of belonging and responsibility for the area we live in. Activities proposed and implemented by residents of Riga continue throughout 2014 in various neighbourhoods of the city. These include tours of the area planned and guided by locals, artistic meetings en plein air, photography campaigns, celebrations, festivals, lectures and discussions, which all centre on people and their infinite wish to invent and create something new, receive guests and have a great time with them.

Web address: http://riga2014.org/Apkaimes



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