Seminar for teachers: Experiments and Exploration in Art – Klucis and Matvejs

Teachers attending the seminar will learn why the two artists are important to the art and culture of Latvia, and what educational programmes will be available during the new school year. 
Studies on Voldemārs Matvejs’ art – art researcher Eduards Dorofejevs.  
Educational programme exhibitions – curators of the educational programme Ieva Bertuse and Marta Pallo.
Applications for workshops for schoolchildren during the exhibition “Gustavs Klucis. Anatomy of an Experiment” and guided tours for teachers at the exhibition “In Search of Future Art”.

Guided tour at the exhibition “Gustavs Klucis. Anatomy of an Experiment” by Iveta Derkusova, an expert on Gustavs Klucis’ art and the curator of the exhibition.

Thematic division: Amber Vein

Begins : 28.08.2014 11:00


  • LNMA Exhibition Hall Arsenāls

Form of event:

  • Presentation
  • Discussion / Lecture

Category of event:

  • Visual arts
  • Education

Audience of event:

  • Adults

Project description:

“In Search of Future Art. Voldemārs Matvejs and non-European (African, Pacific, North Asian) Art” is a multidisciplinary project aimed at popularising the work of the Latvian painter, theorist and researcher Voldemārs Matvejs (1877-1914), taking into account his unique contribution to studies of art and culture in Africa, Pacific and Northern Asia in the early 20th century.

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