Cleanup Campaign in Čiekurkalns


The Development Campaign for Good Locations in Čiekurkalns will open with a get-together and cleanup event. The concept of Čiekurkalns Park’s design, which introduces several innovative and unique ideas, is considered vitally important for the development of public areas in Riga. Participants in the event will paint various design elements, make and paint gaming accessories and pieces, manufacture simple furniture during a master class run by professionals, build a garden for children and elderly citizens as part of the “En-Rooters” project. The day will come to a close with an evaluation of what has been done during the campaign and delicious hot soup for all participants.

Thematic division: Road Map

Begins : 13.09.2014 10:00


  • The square at 5. Šķērslīnija in Čiekurkalns

Form of event:

  • Object in the city environment
  • Workshop
  • Event

Category of event:

  • Design
  • Participation of the public
  • Tradition

Audience of event:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults

Project description:

The „Development Campaign for Good Locations” (Labas vietas TALKA) is driven by games that Riga's residents love to play at home, which are used as an inspiration for the creation of environmental objects in the squares and parks in Riga's neighbourhoods. One such location is Alekša Square in Sarkandaugava where local residents will plant seedlings they have grown at home and do other beautification work on the 1st of May. Later on this year, the development of two more „good locations” will commence in Dižozolu Street in Ziepniekkalns and the „Promised Land” (Apsolītā zeme) area in Čiekurkalns. The project is implemented by the “Ideju Māja” association and the Contemporary Architecture Information Centre.

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