Colloquium Balticum Rigense. The Humanists of Riga and the Cultural Heritage of Antiquity


The humanists of Riga play an important role in the history of the culture of Riga, linking up the city with the intellectual and aesthetic developments in the Renaissance Europe. Faculty of Humanities of the University of Latvia, in collaboration with its long-time co-operation partners at the “Colloquium Balticum” international network of Greek and Latin antiquity researchers from the universities of the Baltic region, are organising a conference to analyse the importance and contribution of the humanists of Riga as a major Renaissance phenomenon in the Baltic region.

For three days, Greek and Latin antiquity scholars from the Philipp University of Marburg, University of Lund, University of Tartu, University of Vilnius and University of Latvia, as well as researchers from the University of Helsinki, University of Freiburg, University of Oxford and Free University of Berlin will be discussing the phenomenon of the humanists of Riga within the context of the European Renaissance, regional aspects of humanism, Riga Dom School and neo-Latin culture and education, works of the greatest authors (David Hilchen and others), and antique literature that was the source of inspiration for humanists.

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Begins : 05.11.2014 22:00

Ends: 07.11.2014 22:00


  • The Small Guild Hall

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  • Conference

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  • Literature
  • Education
  • Science
  • History

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  • Adults

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The “Riga 2014” foundation in co-operation with the Ministry of Economy and State Tourism Development Agency are implementing the International Cultural Conferences Support Programme. The aim of the programme is to foster the image of Riga as a cultural metropolis and popularise Latvia around the globe. Within the framework of the programme, support is provided for quality international cultural events – congresses, conferences, meetings and competitions, involving internationally-acclaimed cultural workers and experts. 

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