Meet Me in the Museum!


Project ‘Meet Me in the Museum!’ will re-open the basic exposition of the Museum of Naïve Art Latvia for viewing. The museum, which is found on the AB quay, will present international collection. The activities of the museum will join the professionals in arts with citizens and guests of Riga in keeping with the initial principles of MNA as public friendly and open artistic space.

Thematic division: Survival Kit

Begins : 19.06.2013 14:00

Ends: 30.09.2013 21:00


  • Floating galleries 'Noass' and 'Betanovuss' on AB quay

Form of event:

  • Exhibition

Category of event:

  • Visual arts
  • Participation of the public

Audience of event:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults

Project description:

The Museum of Naïve Art, Latvia will popularize naïve art and the culture of Latvia in Europe with an international collection. There is creative potential in everybody needing an impulse to be expressed. The slogan project to promote the creativity of the public ‘Meet Me in the Museum!’ will stir everyone to turn to creativity or to return to long forgotten paint-brushes or crayons.

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