Science cafes


Various events related to science will be held within the project "RīgaPunkts" including discussions with the scientists at "Science Cafe". Everyone will be able to meet scientists for a "questions and answers" session. The aim of "Science Cafe" is to set up informal discussions about the science issues that interest audience the most. This time, the leading theme is free online resources "Open Access".

Thematic division: Survival Kit

Begins : 24.10.2013 15:00


  • University of Latvia
  • Radio „Naba”
  • Club „Nabaklab”

Form of event:

  • Concert
  • Discussion / Lecture
  • Event
  • TV/Radio

Category of event:

  • Music
  • Education
  • Science

Audience of event:

  • Youth
  • Adults

Project description:

Drawing on cultural heritage as well as emerging innovative elements in science and culture, Project ‘RigaDot’ is envisaged as a complex of events to inform the audience, in engaging, attractive and practically useful form, about Riga as creative center of  culture and science. This program will feature events like the cycle ‘Science cafes,’ thematic exhibitions, concerts in Nabaklab, thematic shows in radio Naba and Science Festival.

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