Exposition ‘1914’ will combine the visual arts’ testimony on WWI as definitive, for the last century, in terms of historic, social and cultural development of Europe. The show is prepared   in collaborative partnership with the national museums of art of Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

Thematic division: Freedom Street

Begins : 17.01.2014 22:00

Ends: 19.04.2014 21:00


  • LNMA Exhibition Hall Arsenāls

Form of event:

  • Exhibition

Category of event:

  • Visual arts
  • History

Audience of event:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults

Project description:

"1914" is an art exhibition dedicated to WWI and reflects on three ages: the one that collapsed as soon as the war started, the one in war times and the third period that represents nowadays. The conceptual axis of the exhibition is made of documentary evidences about the early bright days of the broken empire. Those are formal, innovative artworks produced by new artists from Northern and Central Europe - war eyewitnesses and philosophical, contemporary comment.

Web address: http://riga2014.org/1914



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