Chain of Booklovers


At the start of the year of the European Capital of Culture in Riga, every citizen and every guest of the state is invited to participate in a living chain of people affirming cultural values, their preservation and passing over to the next generations. The chain of people passing books by hand from the historic National Library of Latvia to their new home in the Castle of Light will affirm the system of values upheld in Latvia and its capital.

Thematic division: Without thematic division

Begins : 18.01.2014 10:00


  • Streets of Riga connecting the old and new buildings of National Library

Form of event:

  • Action

Category of event:

  • Literature
  • Participation of the public

Audience of event:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults

Project description:

The new building of LNB is significant, new object of infrastructure. The first Christmas tree, the Capital of books to mark the 100 years of national independence, the chain of books to be passed from the old building into the new one will be a symbolic joining of hands and affirm the system of values in Riga and Latvia.

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