Blackmarket of Useful Knowledge and Non-knowledge


'With the support of the culture programme of the European Union in the framework of the project „IMAGINE 2020: Art and Climate Change” „The Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge” is a temporary production and showroom in which narrative formats of knowledge mediation are tried out and presented. 30 individual tables are occupied by experts (natural scientists, artists, philosophers, anthropologists, physicians etc.) who are being invited to offer a portion of their knowledge that can be told and learned in 30 minutes. In Riga '90 talks on Repaired, Enhanced and Dead Body' will be provided. The audience will be able to book an expert and his or her offer of knowledge for a half-hour, or to listen to selected talks via 'Black Radio'.

Thematic division: Survival Kit

Begins : 05.04.2014 15:00

Ends: 05.04.2014 19:30


  • „Sapņu fabrika” (Lāčplēša 101)

Form of event:

  • Event
  • Performance art

Category of event:

  • Theatre
  • Science

Audience of event:

  • Youth
  • Adults

Project description:

Project ‘IMAGINE 2020’ comprises two inter-disciplinary events dedicated to the survival strategies of humanity and individual in the shifting reality influenced by climatic change. Artistically scientific symposium ‘I, the consumer’ combines theoretical discussion and performative reflection on the situation of having arrived at a produce-filled world and search for the answers to the question – What can be done with this materiality? ‘Blackmarket of Useful Knowledge and Non-knowledge’ offers exchange of views with one of 100 knowledge dealers on the ways of surviving the technology.

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