Concert of Gidon Kremer and 'Kremerata Baltica'


Gidon Kremer and ‘Kremerata Baltica’ will give concert of the Culture Hall ‘Ziemeļblāzma’. Creative work of Augusts Dombrovskis, who was a violin maker, a wood tradesman as well as a patron of art, served as an inspiration source to make the concert.

Thematic division: Thirst for the Ocean

Begins : 07.03.2014 17:00


  • Culture Hall 'Ziemeļblāzma' and around the park

Form of event:

  • Concert
  • Event

Category of event:

  • Music

Audience of event:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults

Project description:

For a country of merely 2 million people, Latvia has produced a disproporionately large numer of world class classical musicians who work and perform with the best orchestras, and delight audiences in the most renowled concert halls and opera houses around the world. Through the concert cycle Born in Riga we welcome the stars back home in Riga for individual and joint concerts. 

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