Opus ‘Midnight in Riga’


The premier of the opus ‘Midnight in Riga’ composed by Arturs Maskats and interpreted by Gidon Kremer’s chamber orchestra ‘Kremerata Baltica.’ Set designer and director Reinis Suhanovs. Žanis and Johanna Lipke not only gave an outstanding example of human value, but also kept their love alive in the trying turns of their fate till the final day of their lives…

Thematic division: Freedom Street

Begins : 03.07.2014 16:00


  • The Big Guildhall

Form of event:

  • Concert

Category of event:

  • Music

Audience of event:

  • Adults

Project description:

As part of the “Voices from the dark or Žanis Lipke circle quadrature” composer Arturs Maskats has composed the dedication “Midnight in Riga”, which will be performed by chamber orchestra “Kremerata Baltica” with Gidon Kremer as lead. The book “Puika ar suni. Stāsts par nosargātu noslēpumu” (The boy with the dog. A tale of the secret well kept) for readers between the ages of 8 and 15 years old will be presented also. Other expos will be hosted by the Žanis Lipke Memorial as well and visitors will be able to go on excursions of the hiding places together with historian Gustavs Strenga.

Web address: http://riga2014.org/ZanisLipke



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