The Lost Son


„The Lost Son”, a staging created by Burkards Valdiss will be performed at the opening event of Early Music Festival. The story is about a turbulent time in Riga history during the Reformation in 1527.

Thematic division: Riga Carnival

Begins : 08.07.2014 17:00


  • Spīķeri open air stage

Form of event:

  • Concert
  • Theatre
  • Festival

Category of event:

  • Music

Audience of event:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults

Project description:

The Early Music festival will take the modern audience back into Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque musical atmospheres. The concerts of the festival will bring listeners to the churches and concert halls in the Old Town of Riga, but its central feature will be the program in the exquisite Baroque castle of Rundāle. This festival brings numerous early music from Europe and other continents to Latvia every year. Particular attention will be paid to composers who have lived and worked in historic Riga.

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