Gustav Klucis (1895–1938). Anatomy of an Experiment


Exhibition of the National Museum of Art and partnering institutions ‘Gustav Klucis (1895–1938) Anatomy of an Experiment’ will be open for viewing for two months. It will offer an in-depth focus on life and art of the outstanding Latvian artist Gustav Klucis.

Thematic division: Freedom Street

Begins : 21.08.2014 21:00

Ends: 25.10.2014 21:00


  • LNMA Exhibition Hall Arsenāls

Form of event:

  • Exhibition

Category of event:

  • Visual arts
  • Photography
  • History

Audience of event:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults

Project description:

‘Gustav Klucis (1895–1938). Anatomy of an Experiment’ will be the largest exhibition of work of this world famous constructivist in Latvia so far, representing more than 200 items of LNMA and other museums in Europe. In a fully fleshed story of Gustav Klucis’ life and art, the fate of Latvians who remained in Russia in the years of WWI; the exhibition will pose the questions regarding the possibility of choosing the sides for the individual in times of historic change and – what side does art remain on in collisions, when the power that be includes it in its arsenal? 

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