Opera 'Valentina' by Arturs Maskats

“Valentīna”, the first opera composed by the internationally-acclaimed Latvian composer Arturs Maskats, celebrates a cultural legend of Latvia – film historian Valentīna Freimane. The opera covers a dramatic period in the history of Latvia from 1939 to 1944, which had a profound effect on the fates of the various ethnic groups living in Latvia.

Librettist: Liāna Langa, conductor: Modests Pitrens, director: Viesturs Kairišs, set and costume designer: Ieva Jurjāne. 

Thematic division: Freedom Street

Begins : 05.12.2014 17:00


  • Latvian National Opera

Form of event:

  • Show

Category of event:

  • Music
  • Theatre

Audience of event:

  • Youth
  • Adults

Project description:

The creative team of the new opera ha striven to reflect the dramatic pages of Latvian history written in the years 1939-1944, which are significant for the record, culture and the spectrum of nations who lived in the territory of Latvia at the time. The inspiration of this opera was the legendary theatre and film critic and historian Valentīna Freimane. The personal story of the central character of the opera inseparably interweaves with the significant events of Latvian and European history and opens the panorama of the era in all its fullness of color and controversy.

Web address: http://riga2014.org/OperaValentina



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