Potato Opera


The "Potato Opera” will be an unusual, fun and witty opera for an entire family, about the way the potato made its way from South America to Latvia, and how the vegetable settled in Latvia. The libretto is by Inese Zandere, conductor - Aira Birziņa. Cast: the Riga Dom Girls' Choir, a chamber orchestra, singers, dancers and soloists. Andrejs Hansons is the person who proposed the idea for the new opera, he is also the opera's godfather.

The “Potato Opera” will also be performed at the “Riga” concert hall on the 3rd and 7th of December, Ventspils culture centre “Jūras vārti” on the 31st of January, Latgale concert hall “GORS” on the 5th of February, Liepāja Theatre on the 19th of February, and Vidzeme Concert Hall in Cēsis on the 19th of April.

Thematic division: Survival Kit

Begins : 24.11.2014 17:00

Ends: 18.04.2015 21:00


  • New Hall of LNO

Form of event:

  • Show

Category of event:

  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Multimedia

Audience of event:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults

Project description:

Project 'Potato Opera' invites to take a closer look at and learn a lot of new about this well known staple vegetable. Project includes
-a colorful performance for the family;
-action for young and not so young Friend in a pot or Potato Diaries;
-Internet resource www.kartupelis.lv to be launched in January 1, 2014 to provide exhaustive popular science view on potato.

Web address: http://riga2014.org/KartupeluOpera



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