Dance show 'Riga Magic Dance'


Participants of International dance festival ‘Magic Dance Expo 2014,’ the best professional dancers and choreographers, popular musicians, TV stars and athletes from Latvia and abroad who may be far from dance professionally, will perform in a surprising dance show, demonstrating synthesis of dance and other genres of art and culture. A modern two-part dance show will be created blending the tradition of dance with what is actual, multicultural and multi-form. Choreographer Olga Žitluhina will create a mix of classical dance and various contemporary dance styles. The talented artists will translate the power of sound, water and fire into language of dance.

Thematic division: Riga Carnival

Begins : 09.05.2014 21:00

Ends: 10.05.2014 21:00


  • International expo in Ķīpsala

Form of event:

  • Concert
  • Event
  • Performance art

Category of event:

  • Dance
  • Multimedia

Audience of event:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults

Project description:

International dance festival ‘Magic Dance Expo 2014’ will gather a great diversity of dance groups, individual artists and pedagogues, to present a remarkable experience of this art form. In two halls of the venue, several stages and dance floors will be given to parallel dance shows, show case demonstrations and concerts as well as – championships in several dance genres and expanded by quiz programs and master classes for the participants.

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