Mikhail and Mikhail play chess


Riga is to see the world premiere of Kristaps Pētersons’ opera ‘Mikhail and Mikhail play chess’, dedicated to Magus from Riga, world champion in chess Mikhail Tal. The artists to form the creative team of the production are conductor Ainārs Rubiķis, choreographer Kiril Burlovs who resides in London, director Viesturs Meikšāns, set designer Reinis Suhanovs, and French video artist Carlos Franklin. Opera will be performed in Russian.

Thematic division: Amber Vein

Begins : 21.03.2014 16:30


  • New Hall of LNO

Form of event:

  • Show

Category of event:

  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Multimedia

Audience of event:

  • Youth
  • Adults

Project description:

Performance of the unique opera ‘Mikhail and Mikhail play chess’ will require 8 singers, 8 dancers, 14 musicians, and 2 conductors; the whole ensemble of 32 has not been casually selected as every artist involved will represent a figure in a concrete championship game of chess – and, to be more precise, the sixth round of the duel of masters, which took place in Moscow in 1962 between Mikhail Tal and Mikhail Botvinnik.  Chess is a fascinating game with its own dramaturgy, heights of psychological tension, and specific terms, which, co-incidentally, relates it to theatre and music.

Web address: http://riga2014.org/OperaSahs



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