Terms of use

‘Add content’ is the User section of the cultural media of the foundation ‘Riga 2014,’ further in the text to be indicated as ‘Portal’.

Portal allows every Internet user to register and place their articles and materials to be published in the ‘Riga 2014’ cultural media.

By registering in the Portal, the user confirms that he/she is informed about these terms of use and accepts the responsibility to observe them.  ‘Riga 2014’ retains the rights to change and/or to further supplement the terms of use of the Portal.  

  1. The user is entitled to place his/her articles, press releases, photographs, and audio and video material in the Portal.
  2. Portal prohibits the placement of articles (including photo, video and audio material), which:

2.1.  offends or violates the rights (including copyright etc.) of intellectual property of the third persons;

2.2.  is disrespectful and offends the honor of individuals; 

2.3.  promotes violence, racial hatred or other illegal actions;

2.4.   is vulgar, insulting or offensive in any other form;

2.5.  is junk mail or unauthorized advertising;

2.6.  is pornographic or overly erotic;

2.7.  is any other information, which may affect normal functioning and security of the Portal;

2.8.  is any other information contravening the legislation norms currently upheld in Latvia.

  1. Portal retains the right not to confirm the articles presented by the users and/or to delete them without warning and without explaining the reasons of their deleting.
  2. The administration of the Portal has right to delete the profiles of users of Portal and/or information, videos, images and audio material or any other information they contain in its own right and without preliminary notice as well as to limit or deny access to Portal for a period of time or indeterminately (including, to concrete IP addresses) without explanation of reasons.   
  3. Every registered Portal user’s responsibility is to provide true information, required in their profile (name, surname and other information). Fake profiles and pseudonyms are prohibited.
  4. Every user of Portal is fully responsible for any information they place in the Portal as well as is fully accountable for the consequences, which the placement or posting of such information could entail.  The user has rights to place, upload etc. only the content, to which he or she holds full and unrestricted rights, in the Portal.
  5. The Portal is not responsible for the copyrights of the users’ material, including photo, audio, video material, placed in the Portal.
  6. Portal retains the rights to correct the titles and grammar mistakes of the articles and publicity pictures provided by users. Portal does not change the content and meaning of the article.
  7. The registered user of the Portal is informed and accepts that the data provided in his or her profile is available publicly to all registered users of the Portal, as well as, to a limited degree, to the third persons.
  8. By placing any material in the Portal, the user relegates the copyright of this material and the right to distribute and use it according to the constraints of the Portal to the foundation ‘Riga 2014.’ 
  9. All personal data and identification codes of users, submitted to the website, are protected in accordance to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.
  10. By registering on the website or by using the website, the user agrees that foundation “Rīga 2014” processes the respective user’s personal data and identification codes according to the Personal Data Protection Law.
  11. The processing manager of user personal data and identification codes is foundation “Rīga 2014”, registration number 50008179281, registered office: Rātslaukums 1, Rīga, LV-1050.
  12. The aim of processing user personal data and identification codes – ensuring volunteer work coordination and communication.
  13. The basis of processing user personal data and identification codes – Section 7 Clause 1 of the Personal Data Protection Law.
  14. The registered user of the Portal can terminate his or her participation in the Portal in the status of registered user at any time by deleting their user profile.
  15. Any contentions, if such arise, are adjudicated according to the legislation norms currently upheld in the Republic of Latvia.